Russia’s Re-emergence in the Global System: Globalising or Anti-Globalising Force?

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Series Details Vol.18, No.1, March 2010, p79-90
Publication Date March 2010
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Globalisation's advent is based on the dominant role of liberalism in the development and organisation of the world system. In both economic and political realms, liberal values and theories guide the process of globalisation. Today's neoliberal form of globalisation, however, is under attack nowadays. While attention is usually directed to anti-globalisation movements, this article examines Russia's re-emergence in the global system and her impact on globalisation. It argues that, politically and economically, Russia acts principally as an 'anti-globalising' force. She rejects western style capitalism, and retains a strong role for the state in economic activities. She fights against US supremacy and works for the establishment of a multi-polar global system. In this attempt, Russia aims to establish a Russian-led regional zone in her near abroad, thus fortifying regional tendencies and countering globalising trends.

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