‘Schengen’: a race against the time or a fools’ game?

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The 'Schengen area' crisis is not merely a crisis in solidarity, but also, primarily, a crisis in the trust between co-owners that have no wish to move out of their shared abode. It makes for a race against time between bringing back national border controls and the Europeanisation of external border controls, a race whose conclusion must allow us to reinforce Schengen. In this Viewpoint, Yves Bertoncini and António Vitorino focus on three key issues:

1. Addressing the migrant crisis: enforced solidarity, ongoing mistrust
2. Addressing the terror threat: an instinctive solidarity, but a trust that has yet to be built
3. A crisis of co-owners to solve this Spring… or in 2018

They conclude that the race against time between national and European border controls will be a fools’ game if it obscures the fact that the essential thing for Europeans is to act beyond borders and attack the source of con­flicts that have created a massive flow of refugees and terrorist safe havens.

Source Link http://www.institutdelors.eu/media/schengen-bertoncinivitorino-jdi-jan16.pdf?pdf=ok
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