SDG Indicators for Municipalities Summary

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Publication Date 15/11/2018
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In the collection, evaluation and selection of the SDG indicators presented, existing indicator catalogs and definitions were used to a large extent. The authors of this publication feel it is important to clearly state why and in what way the (core) indicators were developed, as well as how those indicators which were selected, and those which were not selected, are to be approached. Insofar as possible, indicators are proposed that are universally available. Universal availability means that the data is available at the district and district-free city level, and in some cases also at the level of district towns and municipalities. However, there are also indicators proposed which are not (yet) available on a wide scale. The reasoning here is that individual SDGs should above all be mapped using the most meaningful indicators possible.

The justification for limiting the number of selected (core) indicators results from the need to develop a clear and manageable catalog of indicators. Yet despite the limited number of selected indicators, it was important to the authors that all 17 SDGs be mapped. This is because the individual SDGs under Agenda 2030 are also to be considered as equal and integrated. As a result, identical target measurements of approximately three (core) indicators were sought for all SDGs in the indicator catalog.

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