Shaping Europe – Recent EESC Achievements – Edition 2015

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Publication Date 2015
ISBN 978-92-830-2760-7
EC QE-04-15-273-EN-N
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In this booklet we briefly showcase how EESC members’ expertise makes a difference in each of the main policy EU areas it covers: economic, social, environmental and international. Committee members have reached out to young people in both schools and universities, listening to their views and harnessing their enthusiasm. The EESC has brought together people from all sectors of society to promote solidarity and thrash out solutions to the economic crisis, including innovative responses such as social entrepreneurship.

It has encouraged high standards in business and stronger partnerships between politicians, industry and communities. Overall, the EESC is working to strengthen dialogue and active citizenship, and to make Europe a better place to live. And the fact that every step is taken in consultation with organised civil society gives the Committee – and therefore the EU – an even greater democratic legitimacy.

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