Ships of fortune: maritime transport in Linking Europe. Transport policies and politics in the European Union, p153-78

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Publication Date 1998
ISBN 0-275-95248-7
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This book aims to provide a broad sectoral analysis of European transport issues, and especially of the evolving policy and political context at the end of the 1990s. In the early years of the European Community transport issues were relatively neglected, but in the last decade issues relating to many different transport sectors have risen up the policy agenda. Transport is increasingly recognised as one of those issue - areas that is capable of facilitating as well as hindering European integration. There have been major initiatives to liberalise various parts of the transport sector, together with new harmonisation initiatives to link national infrastructures, aimed at no less than a pan-European transport system. Alongside these regulatory initiatives, the transport industries themselves are being transformed by commercial and other pressures. Nevertheless, these changes are only the beginning of a process - lack of co-ordination, bottlenecks and pollution problems, amongst others, remain serious features on the European transport landscape.

This book aims to show that transport issues are now central to the future of Europe and to the process of European integration. The book is divided into three main sections. In Part I general aspects of transport and its role in the overall European economy is discussed, as is the nature of the 'transport crisis' and the special problems (economic, political and social) facing the sector. Also covered is the historically uneven development of the Common Transport Policy.

Part II analyses key issues relevant to policy-making in each of the four major modes, rail, road, air and shipping. Part III examines the emerging pan-European transport system, and looks to the future. Such concepts as trans-European networks are covered, as well as specific European infrastructure works such as the Channel Tunnel, development in Greece, Swiss transport issues, and Scandinavian initiatives. The final chapter synthesizes some of the major trends to date and examines the possibility of organisational changes to help cope with the transport conundrums facing Europe in the next century.

The book is an admirable addition to the sparse literature on the subject.

Ross, John F.L.
Linking Europe. Transport policies and politics in the European Union
Praeger Publishers, 1998
ISBN: 0-275-95248-7
Price: £47.95

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