Short-stay accommodation offered via online collaborative economy platforms

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Feature published by Eurostat concerning the volume of short-stay accommodation offered via certain online collaborative economy platforms. This set of statistics was made possible following an agreement reached between the European Commission and four major international platforms.

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The collaborative economy covers a great variety of sectors and is rapidly growing across Europe. In the tourism sector, the collaborative economy provides opportunities for citizens and consumers, as well as for micro-entrepreneurs and small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs). However, rapid development also led to challenges, particularly in popular tourist destinations. As a result, cities and other communities sought to strike a balance between promoting tourism and maintaining the integrity of local communities.

This particular set of statistics was made possible via an agreement signed in March 2020 by the European Commission and four private collaborative economy platforms - Airbnb, Booking, Expedia Group and TripAdvisor. Unlike the traditional official accommodation statistics collected via business surveys or via local authorities the data are collected using data on listings and bookings of these platforms.

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