Should unemployment convergence precede monetary union?in The European Union and national macroeconomic policy, p143-55

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Publication Date 1998
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The European Union and national macroeconomic policy:
This is the third book in the new Routledge series The State and the European Union, which considers the impact of the EU's Institutions, policy processes and laws on the policies and autonomy of Member States. The primary focus is on France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. A further title in the series 'The European Union and national defence policy' is described on p31.

'The European Union and national macroeconomic policy' considers the way in which the European Union has affected macroeconomic policy and key issues of policy-making in the Member States. It begins with an introduction to economic ideas, and explores monetary and fiscal policy and European integration, including economic policy co-ordination, national policy preferences and the motivations for participation in the European Monetary System.

The book is divided into three sections: the first considers the broad issues, the second considers policy in the four larger Member States and the third section looks at specific issues of central importance to macroeconomic policy in Europe-unemployment and fiscal policy - before a concluding chapter.

Forder, James/ Menon, Anand (eds)
The European Union and national macroeconomic policy
The State and the European Union
Routledge, 1998
ISBN: 0-415-14196-6 (Hbk)/ 0-415-14197-4 (Pbk)
Price: £50.00 (Hbk) / £16.99 (Pbk)

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