Social Agenda Magazine | Number 32 ( February 2013)

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Series Details Number 32
Publication Date February 2013
ISSN 1682-7783
EC KE-AF-12-032-EN-C
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Employment and social analysis


A silent revolution is underway in the field of employment and social data collection and analysis, giving a much more vivid picture of what people are going through and how they are evolving over time. This issue of Social Agenda focuses on the methodology of data collection and its political consequences.

For the EU to reach its objective of generating inclusive growth by 2020, social policy must be considered not so much in terms of expenditure but rather as an investment in Europe's most precious asset: its own people or, as economists would say, its 'human capital'.


  • A special emphasis on fairness
  • Sharp increase in 2011
  • European aid to the most deprived
  • Stronger response urgently needed
  • The politicial issues behind data analysis
  • Employment and social developments from new angles
  • Status of social statistics on the rise
  • A real-life vision of long-term unemployment
  • Paving the way for evidence-based policy
  • The lessons from the ground
  • Maria Jepsen, ETUI: Social science has a major role to play
  • Max Uebe, European Commission: From one burning issue to the next
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