Social Agenda Magazine | Number 48 ( July 2017)

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Series Details Number 48
Publication Date July 2017
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A European pillar for a social triple A


What the European Pillar of Social Rights, adopted in April, means in practice: this is what the July issue of Social Agenda is all about. The Pillar serves as a reference framework for European Commission proposals on work-life balance and working time. Its spirit also inspires the new Commission proposal on social security coordination, to make free movement of workers within the EU fairer and easier, as well as the latest health and safety package of measures to increase the impact of EU legislation on the work floor. And the focus is on Spain to help employment and social services there cooperate more effectively, on the ground, in the face of long-term and youth unemployment.


  • EU Funding: Ten years of solidarity in the face of globalisation
  • Social security coordination: Making free movement fairer and easier
  • Unemployment: Employment and social services join forces
  • Occupational health and safety: Reaching out to the work floor
  • Special feature: A European pilar for a social triple A
  • The Social pillar already operational
  • A new start for work-life balance
  • EU working time rules made clearer
  • Breaking deadlocks
  • Delivering Social Europe
  • Interview
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