Social Agenda Magazine | Number 51 (April 2018)

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Series Details Number 51
Publication Date April 2018
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EC KE-AF-18-051-EN-N
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Fair mobility and social fairness


Creating a European Labour Authority and ensuring access to social protection for all workers, including those carrying out new forms of work…

Two proposals which the European Commission is putting forward on the very year marking the 50th anniversary of EU free movement of workers and the 60th one of cross-border Social Security coordination.

They should considerably secure and facilitate the free movement of people between the 32 participating countries, including the free movement of services when it comes to posted workers.

This issue of Social Agenda is almost entirely dedicated to the implementation of “fair mobility”, which comes down to social fairness.


  • Global policy: Big push needed against child labour
  • Social policy: Fairness for workers
  • Special feature: Free movement - the facts
  • Special feature: 50 years - the long road to fair mobility
  • Special feature: EURES - Reading a German CV or job offer in Spanish
  • EU funding: Innovative cross-border support to posted workers
  • Special feature: 60 years - the free movement of social security protection
  • Other voices: Jean-Christophe Bonnin, EURES National Coordinator, France
  • Interview: Denis Genton, head of the European Commission's free movement of workers service
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