Social scientists slam PEGIDA for creating ‘rift’ / Germany set for new PEGIDA marches

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Deutsche Welle and other news sources reported in early January 2015 that Germany was preparing itself for the first wave of PEGIDA demonstrations of 2015 on the 5 January 2015. The anti-Islamisation movement had been steadily growing in popularity as the demonstrations reach their fourth month.

France24 reported that a record 18,000 people turned out in Dresden on the 5 January 2015, ignoring a call by Chancellor Merkel to snub such street protests.

Media sources also reported on several demonstrations across the country against PEGIDA and its anti-islamic stances.

EurActiv Germany reported in an article on the 9 January 2015 that a meeting had taken place between representatives from the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the anti-Islamist Pegida movement. The two group were said to have found common ground for co-operation. However, Open Europe reported on tensions within AfD as to how close to Pegida they should become.

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