Solar power installations fall in Europe as PV market shifts

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The amount of new solar power installed in Europe in 2012 fell sharply for the first time in more than a decade, in an arresting sign of how the region’s dominance of the global market is drawing to an end.

New installation fell from 22.4GW in 2011 to 17GW in 2012, taking Europe’s share of new capacity down from 74% to 55% in what the solar industry said was a 'turning point in the global PV [photovoltaic] market that will have profound implications in coming years'.

Concurrently, the European Commission approved in the spring of 2013 tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels in response to complaints of price-dumping. However, analysts said the move would do little more than give European companies a short-lived boost, and that the levy would mainly just increase prices and decrease use of solar power.

The FT reported on the 19 May 2013 that Germany had gone on a collision course with the European Commission by warning that imposing anti-dumping duties on solar panels from China would be a 'grave mistake'. Import duties were expected to be announced formally by the European Commission in early June 2013.

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