Special issue: Diplomacy and the duty of care

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Series Details Vol.13 No.2
Publication Date June 2018
ISSN 1871-1901 (print) | 1871-191X (online)
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Articles in this issue:

+ Introduction | Jan Melissen and Maaike Okano-Heijmans
+ Caring and carers: diplomatic personnel and the duty of care | Halvard Leira
+ Parental child abduction and the state: identity, diplomacy and the duty of care Kristin Haugevik
+ The duty of care for citizens abroad: security and responsibility in the In Amenas and Fukushima crises | Nina Græger and Wrenn Yennie Lindgren
+ Inversion of the ‘duty of care’: diplomacy and the protection of citizens abroad, from pastoral care to neoliberal governmentality | Alexei Tsinovoi and Rebecca Adler-Nissen
+ A consular code to supplement the VCCR | William Crosbie

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