Special Issue: Implementing Social Europe in Times of Crises

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Series Details Vol.37, No.4, July 2014, p677-843
Publication Date July 2014
ISSN 0140-2382
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Contents of this Special Issue of West European Politics are:

+Implementing Social Europe in Times of Crises: Re-established Boundaries of Welfare?
Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen & Hans Vollaard

+Transposition and National-Level Resources: Introducing the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive in Eastern Europe
Nikolay Vasev & Karsten Vrangbæk

+Bounded Rationality in Transposition Processes: The Case of the European Patients’ Rights Directive
Hans Vollaard & Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen

+Altered Europeanisation of Pension Reform in the Context of the Great Recession: Denmark and Italy Compared
Caroline de la Porte & David Natali

+Clawing Back Lost Powers? Parliamentary Scrutiny of the Transposition of EU Social Policy Directives in the Netherlands
Ellen Mastenbroek, Aneta Spendzharova & Esther Versluis

+Judicial Europeanisation: The Case of Zambrano in Ireland
Susanne K. Schmidt

+Europeanisation with Many Unknowns: National Company Law Reforms after Centros
Michael Blauberger & Rike U. Krämer

+Enforcing Social Europe through Labour Inspectorates: Changes in Capacity and Cooperation across Europe
Miriam Hartlapp

+Social Europe and its Components in the Midst of the Crisis: A Conclusion
Maurizio Ferrera

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