Special issue: National parliaments, the European Parliament and the democratic legitimation of the European Union economic governance

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Series Details Vol.40, No.3, April 2018
Publication Date April 2018
ISSN 0703-6337
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+ Democratic legitimation of EU economic governance: challenges and opportunities for European legislatures | Diane Fromage & Ton van den Brink
+ European economic governance: deficient in democratic legitimacy? | Gavin Barrett
+ Towards a strengthened coordination between the EU and national budgets: A complementary role and a joint control for parliaments? | Cristina Fasone
+ The European Parliament in the post-crisis era: an institution empowered on paper only? | Diane Fromage
+ The 'Banking Dialogue' as a model to improve parliamentary involvement in the Monetary Dialogue? | Diane Fromage & Renato Ibrido
+ National parliaments and EU economic performance policies. Impact defines involvement? | Ton van den Brink
+ Scrutinising the European Semester in national parliaments: what are the drivers of parliamentary involvement? | Valentin Kreilinger
+ Accountability challenges in EU economic governance? Parliamentary scrutiny of the European Semester | Mette Buskjær Rasmussen
+ The conference on stability, economic coordination and governance: filling the gaps of parliamentary oversight in the EU | Nicola Lupo & Elena Griglio

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