Special Issue: Regionalism and the Nation State in the Era of Globalisation

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Series Details Vol.20, No.4, December 2012, p417-536
Publication Date December 2012
ISSN 1478-2804
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David Hanley: Squeezed from Above and Pressured from Below: The Nation State in the Era of Globalisation

Susana Beltrán García: Is There a Real Model in Spain for Autonomous Communities to Participate in the Council of the European Union or Is It Only a Mirage?

Sander Happaerts, Simon Schunz & Hans Bruyninckx: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations: The Multi-Level Politics of Climate Change Policy in Belgium

Thomas Perrin: New Regionalism and Cultural Policies: Distinctive and Distinguishing Strategies, from Local to Global

Paul J. Stephenson: Napoleon, Nostalgia and Number Plates: An Analysis of the Reactions to the Attali Commission's Proposal to Abolish the French Département

Laura Kottos: A ‘European Commonwealth’: Britain, the European League for Economic Co-operation, and European Debates on Empire, 1947–1957

Angelos Koutsourakis: ‘You Want to Wake up to Free Yourself of the Image of Europa. But It Is Not Possible’: Lars von Trier's Critique of the European Narrative of Progress in His Europa Trilogy

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