Special Issue – Security and Liberty in the European Union

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Series Details Vol.5, No.2, June 2009
Publication Date June 2009
ISSN 1815-347X
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Articles in this special issue include:

Security and Liberty in the European Union: Foreword by Juliet Lodge

Research Articles
Liberty versus Security? EU Asylum Policy and the European Commission by Christian Kaunert

The EU Migration Regime and West African Clandestine Migrants by Hannah M. Cross

The Discursive Construction of EU Counter-Terrorism Policy: Writing the ‘Migrant Other’, Securitisation and Control by
Christopher Baker-Beall

Migration and Security in the EU: Back to Fortress Europe? by Rut Bermejo

Setting Priorities: Functional and Substantive Dimensions of Irregular Immigration and Data Protection Under Co-decision by Ariadna Ripoll Servent

De/Securitising the 2007 Schengen Enlargement: Austria and “the East” by Alexandra Schwell

Living in Surveillance Societies: The Normalisation of Surveillance in Europe and the Threat of Britain’s Bad by David Murakami Wood and C. William R. Webster

Energy Vulnerability and EU-Russia Energy Relations by Edward Hunter Christie

Hot Under the Collar: Lessons from the 2003 Heatwave in France and the Security Implications for Coping with Environmental Threats in the EU by Paul J. Stephenson

Liberty, Security and Power: Some Reflections on Transatlantic Relations by Angela Liberatore

The Lisbon Treaty and ESDP: Prodi and Howorth Compared by Matteo Pallaver

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