Special Issue: The EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy: the quest for democracy

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Series Details Vol.18, No.8, December 2011, p1069-1207
Publication Date December 2011
ISSN 1350-1763
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Helene Sjursen: The EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy: the quest for democracy

Helene Sjursen: Not so intergovernmental after all? On democracy and integration in European Foreign and Security Policy

Ana E. Juncos & Karolina Pomorska: Invisible and unaccountable? National Representatives and Council Officials in EU foreign policy

Federica Bicchi: The EU as a community of practice: foreign policy communications in the COREU network

Christopher Lord: The political theory and practice of parliamentary participation in the Common Security and Defence Policy

Jutta Joachim & Matthias Dembinski: A contradiction in terms? NGOs, democracy, and European foreign and security policy

Erik Oddvar Eriksen: Governance between expertise and democracy: the case of European Security

Ben Tonra: Democratic foundations of EU foreign policy: narratives and the myth of EU exceptionalism

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