Special Issue: The Future of European Foreign Policy

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Series Details Vol.30, No.1, March 2008, p1-197
Publication Date March 2008
ISSN 0703-6337
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The Long Legacy of Dorian Gray: Why the European Union Needs to Redefine its Role in Global Affairs - Hartmut Mayer
The Future of EU-NATO Relations: a Case of Mutual Irrelevance Through Competition? - Simon Duke
The Construction of Ambiguity and the Limits of Attraction: Europe and its Neighbourhood Policy - Geoffrey Edwards
The European Union's Accession Negotiations with Turkey from a Foreign Policy Perspective - Meltem Mftler-Ba
Enduring Differences? France, Germany and Europe's Middle East Dilemma - Timo Behr
Inside Out: the External Face of EU Internal Security Policy - Wyn Rees
Towards a Common EU Immigration Policy: a Securitization Too Far - Robert Dover
Germany and the Art of Coalition Building - Hanns W. Maull
European Foreign Policy: the End of French Europe? - Bastien Irondelle
Italian Foreign Policy: Domestic Politics, International Requirements and the European Dimension - Filippo Andreatta
Atlantic Dreams and European Realities: British Foreign Policy After Iraq - Frederick Hood

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