Special Issue: The Maastricht Treaty: Second Thoughts after 20 Years

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Series Details Vol.34, No.7, November 2012, p683-858
Publication Date November 2012
ISSN 0703-6337
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Thomas Christiansen, Simon Duke & Emil Kirchner: Understanding and Assessing the Maastricht Treaty

Michael Smith: Still Rooted in Maastricht: EU External Relations as a ‘Third-generation Hybrid’

Jörg Monar: Justice and Home Affairs: The Treaty of Maastricht as a Decisive Intergovernmental Gate Opener

Anne Rasmussen: Twenty Years of Co-decision Since Maastricht: Inter- and Intrainstitutional Implications

Wolfgang Wessels: The Maastricht Treaty and the European Council: The History of an Institutional Evolution

James A. Caporaso & Min-hyung Kim: The Maastricht Treaty at Twenty: A Greco-European Tragedy?

Kenneth Dyson: ‘Maastricht Plus’: Managing the Logic of Inherent Imperfections

Beate Kohler-Koch: Post-Maastricht Civil Society and Participatory Democracy

J. H. H. Weiler: In the Face of Crisis: Input Legitimacy, Output Legitimacy and the Political Messianism of European Integration

Desmond Dinan: The Arc of Institutional Reform in Post-Maastricht Treaty Change

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