Special Issue: The Use and Misuse of Policy Indices in the Domain of Citizenship and Integration

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Series Details Vol.11, No.5, September 2013 p551-703
Publication Date September 2013
ISSN 1472-4790
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Contents of this Special Issue of Comparative European Politics are:

+ Introduction: The use and misuse of policy indices in the domain of citizenship and integration
Marc Helbling and Maarten Peter Vink

+ Validating integration and citizenship policy indices
Marc Helbling

+ Is there really a retreat from multiculturalism policies? New evidence from the multiculturalism policy index
Keith Banting and Will Kymlicka

+ Mysterious multiculturalism: The risks of using model-based indices for making meaningful comparisons
Jan Willem Duyvendak, Rogier van Reekum, Fatiha El-Hajjari and Christophe Bertossi

+ Citizenship configurations: Analysing the multiple purposes of citizenship regimes in Europe
Maarten Peter Vink and Rainer Bauböck

+ The complexities of measuring naturalization rates in advanced industrialized countries
Thomas Janoski

+ Cantonal variations of integration policy and their impact on immigrant educational inequality
Anita Manatschal and Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen

+ Indices of immigrant rights: What have we learned, where should we go?
Ruud Koopmans

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