Special issue: Transatlantic relations in times of uncertainty: crises and EU-US relations

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Series Details Volume 40, Number 5
Publication Date July 2018
ISSN 0703-6337 (print) | 1477-2280 (online)
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Ties between the US and the EU rival those between any other pair of international actors. This Special Issue makes conceptual progress and empirical contributions in accounting for if and how EU-US relations have been impacted by a context of multiple crises and a parallel change in US policies.

All the articles find strong evidence to suggest that EU-US relations are weakening. This is partly a consequence of the EU’s own, internal policies, as it becomes more unified and autonomous of the US in some areas, while fragmenting in others.

Most importantly, it is a consequence of the two actors’ increasingly diverging perspectives and positions on international issues, institutions, norms and indeed the value of the transatlantic relationship as such. Although the long-term effects remain to be seen, it is likely that the cracks in the foundation of transatlantic relations will continue into the present and foreseeable future.


Marianne Riddervold, Akasemi Newsome

Strategic autonomy and EU-NATO cooperation: threat or opportunity for transatlantic defence relations?
Jolyon Howorth

The EU, the US and the crisis of contemporary multilateralism
Mike Smith

Unified in response to rising powers? China, Russia and EU-US relations
Marianne Riddervol, Guri Rosén

Partners at Paris? Climate negotiations and transatlantic relations
Mai’a K. Davis Cross

Credible champions? Transatlantic relations and human rights in refugee crises
Akasemi Newsome

Transatlantic security relations since the European security strategy: what role for the EU in its pursuit of strategic autonomy?
Michael E. Smith

Rancor and resilience in the Atlantic Political Order: the Obama years
Jeffrey J. Anderson

Structure, agency and transatlantic relations in the Trump era
John Peterson

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