Securing agricultural product supply chains during COVID-19

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Publication Date April 2023
ISBN 978-92-847-9747-9
ISSN 1977-5679
EC QJ-AB-23-010-EN-N
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​The COVID-19 pandemic impacted agricultural product supply chains from farm to fork. In this audit we assessed whether the EU response was appropriate. We found that the Commission reacted rapidly by issuing useful guidelines, direct support, and market measures such as crisis distillation. However, member states did not sufficiently target the use of direct support, and the crisis distillation rules were not clear. State aid payments were more significant in monetary terms, but we found that they could lead to distortion of competition and overcompensation. We recommend that the Commission share good practice to improve the targeting of CAP measures, and that it propose clear rules in the event of future crises.

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