Spotlight on Georgia

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Publication Date 2009
ISBN 978-1-905833-15-3
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The FPC's Spotlight on Georgia pamphlet examines the growing human rights and governance challenges facing Georgia. It highlights increasing concerns both, internal and international, about Georgian rule of law, media freedom, policing and electoral processes. The pamphlet recommends how Georgia must reform and what the international community should do to support it.

+ 'Is Georgia a Democracy Now?' – Views of the Georgian
Electorate by Hans Gutbrod and Koba Turmanidze

+ Judicial reform initiatives: results orientated? by Giorgi Chkheidze

+ Georgia: News media and press freedom badly hit by partisan struggles by Elsa Vidal

+ Strong State vs Strong Rights by Giorgi Gogia

+ Analysis of the 2008 Presidential and Parliamentary
Elections in Georgia through Digital Mapping by Mary O’Hagan, Michelle Brown and Ian Woodward

+ Policing and its reform in Georgia – A review and
outlook by Marco Kubny

+ The EU’s democracy agenda in Georgia by Peter Semneby
Democratic Governance in Georgia: Lost Promises and Missed Opportunities by Ambassador Arthur Hartman

+ The right path for Georgia by Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP

+ Human Rights and Good Governance in Georgia: How Can the UK Help? by Bruce George MP and Simon Kimber

+ Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Thomas de Waal

+ Conclusion: Georgia’s rose is wilting – Time for the
international community to drive

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