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Assessment conducted by the European Commission on whether Ireland's decisions with regard to the corporate income tax of Apple are in line with EU state aid rules.

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The European Commission announced on 11 June 2014 the launch of in-depth investigations on whether decisions by some Member States with regard to the corporate income tax of certain specific companies were in line with EU state aid rules. Among these, the Commission set out to examine the individual rulings issued by the Irish tax authorities on the calculation of the taxable profit allocated to the Irish branches of Apple Sales International (ASI) and of Apple Operations Europe (AOE).

While the Commission noted the transfer pricing rules were tightened over the years, the tax administration had had a significant degree of discretion in the past. Concerns were raised over that such discretion might have been used in the case of Apple to grant a selective advantage to that company, reducing its tax burden below the level it should pay based on a correct application of the tax rules. The Commission also noted that the number of tax rulings issued in Ireland relating to transfer pricing arrangements was limited.

On 13 August 2016, the Commission announced the conclusions of the investigation. It found that Apple had paid substantially less tax than other businesses over many years, and that the tax benefits granted by Apple by Ireland were not in line with the EU's state aid rules. Ireland was instructed by the Commission to recover up to €13bn of alleged state aid from the company covering a ten-year period.

The Irish Government showed disagreement over the outcome of the in-depth investigation and later took the Commission's Decision to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). A separate application to the CJEU was launched (and later withdrawn) by the European Commission over failure by the Irish authorities to recover the alleged stated aid.

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