Statistics on student mobility within the European Union

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Series Details EDUC 112 EN (April 2003)
Publication Date April 2003
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How to overcome shortcomings of the available comparative data on student mobility in Europe? Currently, inward student mobility in the EU Member States is measured by means of the criterion foreign citizenship. In the wake of changing social realities in Europe, however, foreign citizenship is steadily losing relevance as an indicator for student mobility. Based on an internationally comparative survey and an exemplary data request across individual EU Member States, the study suggests recommendations for new common criterion to be introduced into the European collection of student data in order to improve the common European reporting system. The study also discusses the issue of which categories mobile student totals should be split in future European mobility statistics. The main part of the study summarises and analyses information and statistical data gathered during the project. It concludes with recommendations for future action. In the annex, four exemplary sets of improved student mobility data from three national authorities (the Flemish Community of Belgium, Germany and Spain) are presented.

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