Strategy to harness the potential of offshore renewable energy for a climate neutral future

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Publication Date 19/11/2020
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Communication published by the European Commission on 19 November 2020, setting out an EU Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy.

Further information:

The Strategy proposes to increase Europe's offshore wind capacity from 12 GW to at least 60 GW by 2030 and to 300 GW by 2050. The Commission aims to complement this with 40 GW of ocean energy and other emerging technologies such as floating wind and solar by 2050. To promote the scale-up of offshore energy capacity, the Commission is to encourage cross-border cooperation between Member States on long term planning and deployment. This requires integrating offshore renewable energy development objectives in the National Maritime Spatial Plans which coastal states are due to submit to the Commission by March 2021. The Commission also intends to propose a framework under the revised TEN-E Regulation for long-term offshore grid planning, involving regulators and the Member States in each sea basin.

The Commission also vows to:

  • Provide a clear and supportive legal framework;
  • Help mobilise all relevant funds to support the sector's development;
  • Ensure a strengthened supply chain.

An accompanying Staff Working Document (SWD) provides guidance on electricity market arrangements. The Communication was published in the framework of the Commission's European Green Deal.

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EUR-Lex: SWD(2020)273: Staff Working Document accompanying the Communication - Guidance on electricity market arrangements: A future-proof market design for offshore renewable hybrid projects
European Commission: Topics: Renewable Energy: EU strategy on offshore renewable energy
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