Strengthening the rule of law within the Union: A blueprint for action

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Publication Date 17/07/2019
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Communication published by the European Commission in July 2019 setting out a number of initiatives to be taken relating to the protection of rule of law across the European Union.

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Rule of law is one of the shared values at the core of the European Union (EU) as a project. The rule of law is a well-established principle, well-defined in its core meaning. This core meaning, in spite of the different national identities and legal systems and traditions that the EU is bound to respect, is the same in all Member States. Upholding the rule of law is therefore a shared responsibility of all EU institutions as well as of all Member States.

This Communication sets out a number of commitments and paths for reflection as part of the Commission’s proposed blueprint for action. It brings forward a number of initiatives grouped around three pillars: promoting a rule of law culture; preventing rule of law problems; and responding effectively to breaches of the rule of law. This document follows up on a consultation launched in April 2019 alongside a previous Communication on the way forward for the protection of rule of law in the EU. This objective was later confirmed as a priority by the European Council and its Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024.

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