Sub-national government can only watch and wait as Brexit grows nearer

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Brexit negotiations are conducted in London and Brussels. With so much uncertainty about the final shape of any Brexit deal, and no clear immigration policy yet, local and sub-national government is finding it very hard to plan, writes Tony Travers (LSE). The trade deals the government hopes to do will affect regions in different ways – but none can be done until after Britain has left. Perhaps there is an opportunity for a less centralised version of the UK to emerge from the current uncertainty.

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The Local Government Association announced on the 20 March 2018 that it had secured an important victory in the Brexit negotiating process with the UK Government agreeing that, once the UK exited the EU, a process would be established to consult local government on matters they would have been consulted on formerly through the EU Committee of the Regions.

The agreement was secured during the discussion on the 20 March 2018 in the House of Lords on the committee stage of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

In a LGIU report issued in October 2018 the author said there were four critical issues for local government in terms of Brexit:

+ how has local government been involved in Brexit negotiations
+ European funding
+ the future public sector workforce
+ devolution and subsidiarity.

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