Summit to organise independence referendum to be held on 23 December 2016

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The Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, called on the 9 December 2016 all members of the National Alliance for the Right to Self-Determination to a summit on the 23rd of December 2016. The aim of the meeting was to find political and social consensus around the organisation of a referendum on independence to be held in September 2017.

The Catalan President set the meeting date after finding that repeated calls for dialogue from the Spanish Government have not resulted in any material actions. These same sources insisted that although Catalan Government’s will to agree on a referendum with Spain remains, preparations to celebrate it no matter what also continues.

The Spanish Government spokesman, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, said on the 9 December 2016 that the summit was a 'symptom of unilateralism' that was a result of an imposition from the 'radicals of the CUP'.

Separately, a court case began in Barcelona on the 16 December 2016 against the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, for allowing a debate on secession from Spain earlier in the year. Pro-independence supporters protested in the street.

In his New Year's televised speech on the 31 December 2016 Catalan President Carles Puigdemont promised a 'legal and binding' vote in 2017 on independence to the Catalan electorate.

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