Supervision after Brexit. Oversight of the UK’s future relationship with the EU

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Publication Date November 2018
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In this report published by the UK think tank Institute for Government in November 2018 the authors argued that the United Kingdom Government must explain who will take over from the European Commission and EU Agencies in ensuring British ministers and legislators meet their agreed obligations to the EU after Brexit.

They said that this supervision process would be particularly important if the UK was to retain the unprecedented market access the Government had said it wanted, and set out various options for oversight of the UK's future relationship with the EU.

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In this paper, the authors explained what the UK Government had said so far about supervision, then set out the seven questions that the Government still needed to answer to fill the gaps in its plans. Ministers would then have to take these proposals to the EU, as one part of a wider plan for the governance of the relationship, to establish what was negotiable.

+ Does the UK want its compliance to be supervised by EU, European Free Trade Association or UK institutions?
+ Does the UK want to establish a single, central authority to keep tabs on government bodies’ compliance, or rely on a more decentralised network of specialised supervisory bodies?
+ How can the Government ensure that domestic supervisory authorities are able to hold government to account effectively?
+ What are the supervisory arrangements for commitments outside the ‘common rulebook’?
+ Will the same arrangements apply to supervision of transposition as to supervision of application?
+ Will the Government introduce extra elements of domestic assurance to stop Parliament from legislating in breach of the UK’s obligations?

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