Support to public consultation on cohesion policy

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Publication Date June 2018
ISBN 978-92-79-90365-6
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The public consultation on ‘EU Funds in the area of cohesion’ ran from 10 January 2018 to the 9 March. It covered the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), the CF (Cohesion Fund), the ESF (European Social Fund), the FEAD (European Aid to the Most Deprived), the EGF (European Globalisation Fund) and the EaSI (European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation). It was conducted through an online questionnaire containing five multiple-choice questions on the policy challenges confronting the Funds, their success in responding to these, the added-value of the Funds, the obstacles to achieving their objectives and the means of simplifying their administration. Four open questions were included for respondents to expand on their views and they were also able to attach a position paper.

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