Supporting the future of Syria and the region – Brussels III conference, 12-14 March 2019

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The third Brussels Conference on Supporting the future of Syria and the region was held on 12-14 March 2019.

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Over 20 international organisations, UN agencies and 57 countries came together to participate in this conference, which aims to support the future of Syria and the region. The conference succeeded in mobilising aid to Syrians inside the country and in the neighbouring countries - including for hosting communities - through pledges totalling US$ 7 billion (€ 6.2 billion) for 2019, and multi-year pledges of close to US$ 2.4 billion (€ 2.1 billion) for 2020 and beyond. The co-chairs of the conference - European Union and United Nations - adopted a joint declaration. A number of side and cultural events were also held.

On 23 September, the European Union published a report on progress against the pledges made at the third Brussels conference on 'Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region' on behalf of its co-chairs.

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