Supreme Court judgment on leading roles in 2017 independence bid leads to violence in Catalonia

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On 14 October 2019 Spain’s Supreme Court announced its verdict in the trial of 12 Catalan leaders accused of sedition, disobedience and misuse of public funds over their roles in the region’s 2017 failed bid for independence. The Supreme Court sentenced nine of them to between 9 and 13 years in prison.

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The Supreme Court's decision triggered mass protests in the region with Barcelona's international airport as the focal point of the protests. More than 60 flights were cancelled on 14 October. A general strike in Barcelona was held on 18 October, the fifth day of protests. Violent protests have occurred with protesters throwing projectiles at police and starting fires whereas police responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon. On the 26, after a peaceful gathering of an estimated 350,000 pro-independence supporters in Barcelona, the protest ended in violence as some of them clashed with the police. Following the violent unrest, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Barcelona on the 27 against independence and called for unity across the country and peaceful co-existence in Catalonia.

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Spanish Supreme Court, Judicial News: Press Release: Special Proceedings 20907/2017

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