Swiss give green light for renewables and nuclear phase out

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Nuclear Power in Switzerland (from the World Nuclear Association)
+ Switzerland has five nuclear reactors generating up to 40% of its electricity. Two large new units were planned.
+ National votes have confirmed nuclear energy as an ongoing part of Switzerland's electricity mix.
+ In June 2011 parliament resolved not to replace any reactors, and hence to phase out nuclear power by 2034, despite continuing strong public support for nuclear power.

Switzerland: Elections and referendum, 21 May 2017 (from
About 5.3 million Swiss citizens, including registered members of the Swiss Abroad community, were eligible to take part in the 21 May 2017 ballot. Votes on a broad range of issues, as well as elections, also took place in many cantons and municipalities across the country. It was the second in a series of up to four nationwide ballots in 2017.

Nuclear power in Europe
Other European countries are also debating the role of nuclear power - find further information via ESO:

United Kingdom
In a referendum held in Switzerland on the 21 May 2017 voters endorsed a new energy law that aimed to promote renewable energy, ban new nuclear power plants and lower energy consumption.

Final results showed over 58% of voters coming out in favour of the Energy Strategy 2050 programme.

The Energy Strategy 2050 had been approved by the Swiss parliament in 2016, but the rightwing Swiss People's Party had challenged it to a nationwide vote. The reform was also opposed by parts of the Swiss business community and some environmental groups.

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