Swiss parliamentary election, 20 October 2019

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Reports, analyses and information relating to the legislative elections held in Switzerland in October 2019.

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On 20 October, federal elections were held to elect members of the National Council and the Council of States. The 200 members of the National Council are elected from 26 cantons, each of which constitutes a constituency. 194 members are elected by open list proportional representation in multi-member constituencies to serve 4-year terms and 6 members are elected by a plurality system to serve 4-year terms. In the Council of States members are elected to serve 4-year terms - 6 members are elected by plurality vote in single-member constituencies and 36 members are elected by plurality vote in multi-member constituencies. 4 members are elected by list proportional representation in multi-member constituencies.

The far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP) came first with 25.6 percent of the vote and the center-left Social Democratic Party (SP) took second place with 16.8 percent but they both lost support compared to the last election. The two green parties, the Green Party and the Green Liberal Party are the true winner of the election as they made major electoral gains, taking 13.2% and 7.8% of the vote respectively. Media coverage have interpreted this breakthrough as a "green wave".

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