Swiss sovereignty referendum, 25 November 2018

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Swiss voters have rejected the 'Swiss law first' initiative on  25 November 2018 with 66.2 percent said no to the initiative while 33.8 percent of voters said yes. Voter turnout was 47.7 percent.

The proposal  was launched by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP). It proposes to enshrine a provision in the constitution that the supreme fount of law in Switzerland is that constitution – and not international law.

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Critics said the proposal would have damaged the country's global standing. All the other big political parties in Switzerland, business leaders, and human rights groups conducted a very organised campaign of opposition to the sovereignty proposal.  A yes vote would have meant Switzerland having to renegotiate thousands of treaties, including texts on human rights, the rights of the child, or even on trade.

Another proposal to subsidise farmers who do not remove their cows' horns has also been rejected.

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