T-Kit 7 – European Citizenship in youth work (Revised edition)

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Publication Date 2018
ISBN 978-92-871-8484-9
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At what level should young people engage in society? What impact can local youth organisations have, when faced with massive European or even global issues?

The concept of European Citizenship is deeply connected with the ideals of democracy, participation and human rights in Europe and beyond. On the one hand, many young people express those ideals in multiple ways, as active citizens, outside and inside formal democratic structures. On the other hand, it is still a challenge to stimulate many young people to engage more in society and feel concerned by wider European or global processes.

This T-Kit was written to find ways to stimulate young people to engage more in society, thus exploring citizenship, and to support them as they develop their sense of belonging to the wider community, Europe, as they become concerned about, and committed to, its values, its present and its future.

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