Tackling radicalisation that leads to terrorism: the Commission addressed the needs of Member States, but with some shortfalls in coordination and evaluation

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Publication Date 29/05/2018
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Radicalisation is the phenomenon of people embracing ideas which could lead them to commit acts of terrorism. The Commission supports Member States in their efforts to tackle radicalisation, for example through the exchange of good practices. In doing so it draws on a wide range of EU funds. We examined whether the Commission managed its support well. We found that the Commission addressed the needs of Member States and promoted cooperation through relevant initiatives such as the Radicalisation Awareness Network. However, there were some shortfalls in the Commission’s overall coordination of actions addressing radicalisation and in its framework for evaluating the effectiveness of its support. We therefore make a number of recommendations to improve the Commission’s coordination so that it can make the most of potential synergies, and to improve the framework for assessing results.

Source Link https://www.eca.europa.eu/en/Pages/DocItem.aspx?did=45801
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  • https://www.eca.europa.eu/Lists/ECADocuments/SR18_13/SR_RADICALISATION_EN.pdf
  • http://publications.europa.eu/webpub/eca/special-reports/radicalisation-13-2018/en/
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