Terror in America: what EU leaders said

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Manylion y Gyfres Vol.7, No.33, 13.9.01, p6
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi 13/09/2001
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Date: 13/09/01

EUROPE'S leaders spoke with one voice after the most devastating terrorist attack in history left thousands dead in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Romano Prodi, president of the European Commission, led the messages of sympathy which poured in from every corner of the EU, saying: " I send my heartfelt sympathy to President Bush, to the relatives of the victims and to the people of the United States. Europeans stand together with the USA and all peace-loving peoples of the world in condemning and resisting terrorism in the strongest possible terms. In the darkest hours of European history America stood close by us. Today we stand by America."

On behalf of the EU presidency, Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said: "It is a tragedy not only for the United States but for the whole world. I want to express, in the name of the EU, our entire solidarity with the United States, with our American friends and with the American people."

His words were echoed by the EU High Representative Javier Solana, who was with the Union delegation in Crimea when news of the terrorist attack broke: "I am appalled by the events today in the United States. No words can adequately express my feelings in response to these barbaric acts of terrorism. The European Union stands firmly and fully behind the United States."

Tony Blair, UK prime minister: "Mass terrorism is the new evil in our world today. It is perpetrated by fanatics who are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of life and we, the democracies of this world, are going to have to come together and fight it together and eradicate this evil completely from our world."

Gerhard Schröder, German chancellor: "This is not only an attack on the United States but an attack on the civilised world. Germany stands at the side of the United States without reservation."

Jacques Chirac, French president: "In these terrible circumstances the French people stand at the side of the American people. France has always condemned terrorism, condemns it without reserve and thinks we must fight terrorism by all means."

Costas Simitis, Greek prime minister: "Greece denounces categorically these horrible acts. We hope that the perpetrators will be located and brought to justice to account for their crimes without any delay whatsoever."

Silvio Berlusconi, Italian prime minister: "I am devastated for the terrifying and crazy terrorist attacks which have hit the people of a state which is our friend and the conscience of the entire world."

Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Italian president: "The terrorists must know that their criminal acts will be punished."

Bertie Ahern, Irish taoiseach: "This is a terrible and horrendous atrocity which every right-thinking person in the world will condemn. At this time our thoughts are with the families of the victims in their mourning and we offer our deepest and heartfelt condolences to President Bush and the American people."

José Maria Aznar, Spanish prime minister: "We, who know well the insanity of terrorism, manifest our support and solidarity to all the citizens of the US."

António Guterres, Portuguese prime minister: "This is one of those moments when, regardless of all differences, the international community should come together as one, not only to express condemnation but also to combat terrorism effectively. The Portuguese government is fully available to work alongside its allies in the different international organisations to which we belong, and with the international community as a whole, for the strengthening of the fight against terrorism."

Göran Persson, Swedish prime minister: "We know that this is probably the biggest attack on an open society that we have experienced. Therefore it is an issue for the entire democratic world. When I saw this on TV it was like watching a movie. It cannot be described in words."

Wim Kok, Dutch prime minister: "I would like to convey my deepest condolences to the government and the people of the United States of America and in particular to those who lost their relatives in these tragic and brutal attacks."

Chris Patten, external relations commissioner: "This is an act of war by madmen. It is the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor. This is one of those few days in life that one can actually say will change everything. It's certainly going to mean that the fight against international terrorism is going to dominate the international agenda until it is won. "Our prayers and our deepest sympathy go out to our friends in the United States."

Lord Robertson, NATO secretary-general: "I condemn in the strongest possible terms the senseless attacks which have just been perpetrated against the United States of America. My sympathies go to the American people, the victims and their families. "These barbaric acts constitute intolerable aggression against democracy and underline the need for the international community and the members of the alliance to unite their forces in fighting the scourge of terrorism."

Jerzy Buzek, prime minister of Poland: "We can only imagine the pain and suffering of people who were there at the time, and the agony of their relatives. It is to them, the relatives, the families, that we extend today the words of our wholehearted compassion, sympathy and solidarity. Poland, our country, is part of a global security system. We would like to always feel secure. Now we realise that we are threatened by an utterly realistic and dangerous plague which bears the name terrorism."

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