The 5th EU electricity market reform : a renewable jackpot for all Europeans package?

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Publication Date 2022
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We think that the electricity markets that were developed over the last two decades did what they were supposed to do during this crisis: through higher prices, they convey the message that energy is scarce. “Shooting the messenger” is not going to remove the problem. However, we also learned a lot during this crisis on how electricity markets can be completed and complemented with regulatory instruments, which is why we have three recommendations: First recommendation: Enable and incentivize consumers and suppliers to hedge via well-functioning forward markets (which would complete the sequence of electricity markets). Second recommendation: Give consumers access to cheap renewables with Contracts for Difference (CfDs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that are compatible with short-term markets. Third recommendation: De-risk the investments in energy resources AND mitigate affordability concerns for consumers by redesigning Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms (CRMs) or by complementing these mechanisms with other regulatory tools. We finally observe that a broader reform could also aim at accelerating the innovations on the consumers’ side envisioned by the Clean Energy Package. These innovations can bring the much-needed flexibility in decarbonized energy systems.

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