The ACP-EU Courier | Number 12 (July-August 2009)

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Series Details Number 12
Publication Date August 2009
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Profile
    • Leading women, artisan women
    • Mr. DevDays
  • Editorial
  • To the Point
    • The nine lives of Luisa Morgantini
  • Round up
  • Dossier
    • The colossal project of education
      • The 'widening gap# between Rich and poor countries
      • A multilingual education, guarantor of quality
      • Higher education. Searching for new dynamics
      • European expertise at the service o the ACP States universities
      • The omnipresence of women on Caribbean campuses
      • The African Virtual University (AVU)
      • Educational crisis in West Africa
      • Education is badly overlooked by post-conflict aid
      • Between tradition and modernity
      • Koranic and 'white' schools
      • The trend in online learning
      • Niger's new trend: cyber-students
  • Interaction
    • Launch of the revision of the Cotonou Agreement
    • Banks join forces for Africa
    • Civil society alert over land-grabbing in Africa
    • Adanso-Belgium and Burkina Faso: Highly original micro-projects
    • Culture for development: a Euro-African challenge
    • Bridge across the Zambezi
  • Civil Society on the Move
    • You should know: MENYA Media has wind in its sails
    • The King Baudouin International Development Prize- an increasingly prestigious award
  • Trade
    • EPAs: helping CP countries trade their way to prosperity
    • Fresh impetus for Pacific-EU EPA talks?
  • Zoom
    • Sportsman, businessman and beach culture promoter.
      • A day in the life of Brian 'Action Man' Talma
  • Our Planet
    • A green belt across the Sahel
  • Report
    • Samoa. Seeking to burst through
      • Traditions, belief and challenges
      • Samoa confronts global economic crisis
      • Opposition calls for "checks and balances"
      • Grasping the agricultural nettle
      • The flow to budget aid
      • Fa'afafine: Wanting to be a woman
      • A boost to the senses
      • The matai influence
  • Discovering Europe
    • Art of excess, Naples puts on an act
      • The emphasis on migraton should not disregard development contributions
      • Italian NGOs on the darkness and light of Italy's development policy
      • Burden of clandestine immigration weighs on Naples and Campania
      • Don Gaetano Romano, director of Caritas
      • Determined to fight the recession... and a drab image
      • Naples-European vanguard city: arms stretched out to Africa
      • In Italy, AFRO breaks its silence on Africa
      • Adoption of skeletons and other phantasmagoria
  • Creativity
    • ACP art at the Venice biennale 2009
    • Music Crossroads
    • Remember Nono, his name will soon be on everyone's lips...
    • God is not a peasant
  • For Young Readers
    • Anna and Bazil and the Sacred Mask
  • Your Say/Calendar
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