The ACP-EU Courier | Number 14 (November-December 2009)

Series Title
Series Details Number 14
Publication Date December 2009
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Profile
    • Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament
    • Stephen T.K. Katenta-Apuli, Ambassador of Uganda to the EU
  • Editorial
  • To the Point
    • Hansjorg Neun, Director of the CTA:
      • A hands-on practitioner assisting ACP farmers
  • Round Up
  • Dossier
    • Science becomes part of cooperation
      • the lost, forgotten-even exhumed riches from Africa
      • Radioscopy of a continent
      • Science at the service of sustainable development
      • the South African powerhouse
      • Cuba, where science and development go hand in hand
      • Data sharing to improve medical research
      • The brain drain headache
  • Interaciton
    • European Development Days, Stockholm
    • African continent headlines Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize 2009
    • AU-EU Strategy two years on...
    • Action plan on track to build Africa-EU transport links
    • "For South Africa to succeed, our region and the whole of Africa must succeed"
  • Civil Society on the Move
    • Development NGOs concerned about new European priorities
    • TRIALOG: matching the sides of the NGO triangle
  • Trade
    • Common Fund for Commodities comes of age
  • Zoom
    • Boubacar Boris Diop:
      • "We can't rely on the Berlin Wall any more"
  • Our Planet
    • African bees for development
  • Report
    • Seychelles
      • Almost a national emblem:
        • Beauty, liberty, security, hospitality-and farniente
      • A well-tempered suite
      • Success of reforms follows the spectre of bankruptcy
      • "To survive, be strong economically. To be strong, work hard.' The days of the begging bowl are over" Interview with President James Alix Michel
      • Seychelles-EU co-operation: Interview with Alesandro Mariani, EU head of Delegation
      • A broad alliance to combat Somali piracy
      • Wavel Ramkalawan: Time to put an end to partisan politics
      • Cultural cauldron
  • Discovering Europe
    • Shannon
      • Shannon, where Irish history is repeating itself
      • From the 'wild geese' to the European Tiger
      • A long-standing sense of solidarity
      • the unfailing support of the Irish people
      • "The region faces huge challenges, but has some tremendous assets"
      • The heartbeat of Irish music lies in Ennis
      • From Gaeltachts to Angela's Ashes
  • Creativity
    • Silvia Da Braganca, a multicultural artist
    • The EU-ACP Films Programme: Supporting the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Sector
    • Denise Colomb: a humanist look
  • For Young Readers
    • Scientific Research
  • Your Say/Calendar
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