The ACP-Eu Courier | Number 2 (September-October 2007)

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Series Details Number 2
Publication Date October 2007
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Editorial
    • When it's just business as usual
  • To the point
    • Great Lakes: Aldo Ajello, peacemaker
  • Round Up
  • Dossier
    • Tropical Forests: Opportunities and risks for ACP countries
      • A threatened resource
      • Forests under close surveillance
      • ACP: A forest mosaic
  • Interaction
    • No gambling on the future of ACP
    • Dominican entrepreneurs: Small businesses showing imagination
    • European Development Days: Maintaining the course of development in the face of climate change
    • DEV DAYS: Will Climate Change Development?
    • Africa, foreign policy priority of the EU Presidency
    • Fez: a trace of EU-African union
    • Turning to desert and sea, African migrants
    • Calendar
  • Trade
    • Breakthrough in negotiations on the ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements
    • "No plan B", says Eu Commissioner Louis Michel
    • Talking about EPAs...
  • Zoom
    • A day in the life of Ben Arogundade, a Londoner of Nigerian origin
  • Our Planet
    • Bounty from the Sun
  • Report
    • Ethiopia
      • the Millennium building site
      • The EU-Ethiopia main development partner
      • Good news for the railway in the east
      • Combating 'green famine' in 'happy Ethiopia'
      • From mythology to the new wave
      • Stars of the track
  • Discovering Europe
    • Portugal
      • Portugal: an eagerness to accommodate
      • Comments about history, culture, and geography
      • Key aim for the Algarve: decentralisation equals improved development
      • Interview with Antonio Pina
      • Protecting a natural and living heritage: The water dog
  • Creativity
    • Africa in Venice
    • Popular paintings from kinshasa
    • We liked... The life and the work of Jean-Claude "Tiga" Garoute: Painter, poet and creator
    • Le peuple n'aime pas le peuple
    • We liked... The life and the work of Sembene Ousmane
  • For Younger Readers
    • The Cotonou Club against poverty
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