The ACP-EU Courier | Number 23 (May-June 2011)

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Series Details Number 23
Publication Date May-June 2011
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Trade
    • Taxing the ining industry: The case of Zambia
  • Our Planet
    • The fight to halt climate change
  • Discovering Europe
    • Greece
      • Ancient history, the charms of the islands, and so much more to discover
      • Greek development policy
      • NG ActionAid Hellas on development policy in Greece
      • Yvette Jarvis: The voice of immigrants
      • Renewables. A boon for developing countries.
      • The Greek spirit: Byzantium as a reference point
      • So much beauty
  • Zoom
    • Stories matter
      • A glimpse into the world of Chimamanda Ngoyi Adichie
  • Interactions
    • Benin, Bhutan, and Costa Rica-cooperating across continents
    • The EU remains the world's principal donor without achieving its aims
    • Challenging self-interest
    • Launch of Second EU/ACP Microfinance Framework Programme
    • ACP forges ties with UNIDO
  • Civil Society on the move
    • resettling the Carteret Islanders
      • Victims of climate change
      • The social cost of the EU's renewable energy policy
  • Report
    • Papau New Guinea
      • Exciting prospects but MDGs trail
      • The battle of the major powers in terra incognita
      • the race for PNG's gas
      • Dame Carol Kidu, standing up for the marginalized
      • Interview with Martin Dihm, the EU's Ambassador to PNG
      • Donors to collaborate in PNG
      • Building governance in Bougainville, post-conflict
      • Jeffry Feeger's art takes the pulse of PNG
  • Creativity
    • A marvellous chaos: "Haiti, Kingdom of this world" Exhibition, Paris
    • Arat Kilo: The sweet essence of Ethiopian jazz, distilled in France
    • From slums to the stage: How creativity can make the difference
    • Uganda Museum under threat
    • Badilisha: Changing, exchanging and transforming African creativity on the web
  • For Young Readers
    • Sport
  • Your Say/Calendar
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