The ACP-EU Courier | Number 7 (August-September 2008)

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Series Details Number 7
Publication Date September 2008
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Editorial
    • Global fears in a global world
  • To the point
    • Strengthening the major partnerships
  • Round up
  • Viewpoints
    • Media and Development: a new field of action for Europe-Africa partnership?
  • Dossier
    • ACP Stock Markets
      • Missing out on an opportunity?
      • Africa's hidden value
      • South Pacific Stock Exchange grows slowly
      • Kenya: Seeking to become a regional hub
      • NSE reaches out
      • Caribbean: Into a headwind
      • Nigeria Stock Exchange: Holding up
  • Interaction
    • High stakes at ACP summit
    • A look back at a first historic summit
    • When is the Pacific 'un-pacific'?
    • European Development Days. The countdown ahs begun
    • ACP wants Doha gains secured
    • APRODEV: More competences for the ACP states before the final EPAs
    • CONCORD, a voice for European NGOs
    • A bigger regional drive
  • Trade
    • SAcope for Africa-China-EU policy
    • Japan. Competing for trade and geopolitical influence
    • EU policy for all Africa's friends?
    • The Brazilian ambiguity
  • Zoom
    • From the boxing ring to the political and social arena
  • Our Planet
    • The vital challenge of renewable energy
  • Report
    • Madagascar
      • A remarkable history
      • "We want to set an example for other ACP countries"
      • "An area of stability where resources can be mobilised for development"
      • "Turning the economy around"
      • Natural resources that need managing
      • Decentralisation. ACORDS: A Pioneering Programme
      • "The MAP doesn't take enough account of social problems"
      • Education: Highly sensitive reforms
      • Creating greater congruence between human and natural systems
      • A Malagasy medley
  • Discovering Europe
    • Martinique
      • Attractions beyond the cliches
      • For-de-France, a city to experience, not to consume
      • In the footsteps of Aime Cesaire
      • Martinique-Apparent opulence and economic fragility
      • Heading towards a definite yet hazy form of autonomy?
      • Martinique-poorly organised but well equipped
      • Fort-de-France's Festival of Culture
      • The whole world should be in the movies
  • Creativity
    • The blogs: a meeting room for African cartoonists
    • Cultural Crossroads: the ZIFF festival
    • 'Ethnopassion'-Peggy Guggenheim's ethnic collection
  • For Young Readers
  • Goor's savings
  • Your Say/Calendar
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