The ACP-EU Courier | Number 8 (October-November, 2008)

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Series Details Number 8
Publication Date November 2008
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Editorial
    • The State of Grace
  • To the Point
    • "One of the most exciting things for me in Africa is the turnaround"
  • Round Up
  • Dossier
    • The new virtues of local governance
      • Supporting a growing process
      • the missing link
      • Bolstering local government in Kenya with EU funds
      • "If the state does not change, the decentralization reforms will lose much of their virtue"
      • Incomplete decentralization process creating risks
      • Not ten... Not a hundred... but a thousand international cooperation links
      • The Diaspora and local government: natural partners
  • Interaction
    • Media and Development Forum on Ouagadougou words and commitment from the European Union and African Union
    • Sowing seeds for Africa-EU-China cooperation
    • Aid effectiveness Forum disappoints some NGOs
    • Opportunities for SMEs in Africa's water and energy development
    • Foundazioni4Africa: the new frontier of international cooperation
    • Aprodev: plus de competences pour les ACP avant les APE definitifs
    • Future Constitution of the Seychelles: Brainstorming at the European Parliament
    • Relancer la dynamique regionale
  • Trade
    • EPAs "in the midst of a maelstrom"
  • Zoom
    • Photography, prizewinners for Africa
  • Questionnaire
  • Our Planed
    • When Science Gets Involved
    • Launch of the EU-Africa partnership for science
    • Ghana undertakes to control timber exports to EU
  • Report
    • Surinam
      • Fountain of life for all
      • History as seen by the Amerindians
      • Ramdien Sardoje
      • "In economic terms, yes, we are doing well"
      • A small economy with huge potential
      • Foundations for spatial planning: forest, ecological tourism and plantations
      • Good economic situation but too much bureaucracy and sectarianism, according to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      • A certain balance between good governance and community-based allegiances
      • A la recherche de l'alliance de l'homme et de la nature
      • Discovery. The natural heritage
      • Nola Hatterman Institute
      • Surinam-EU Cooperation
  • Discovering Europe
    • Scotland
      • Scotland#s Highlands and Islands. An exuberance of natural assets
      • "A myriad of inequalities"
      • Scotland's international development policy branches out
      • Highlands and Islands on a high
      • Scotch: from strength to strength
  • Creativity
    • Africa in the Museums of Europe
    • Images of women
    • PSICD, support for the vibrancy of Beninese culture
    • Rama Yade in her own words
    • Mandela, a comic book hero
  • For Young Readers
    • Now we can be more efficient
  • Your say/Calendar
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