The ACP-EU Courier | Special Issue 2 (December, 2008)

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Publication Date December 2008
ISSN 1784-682X
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This issue of the ACP-EU Courier magazine includes the following items:

  • Editorial
    • An ill-defined power with ethics as its sole legitimacy
  • Opening
    • Ouagadouga debates
    • Media, languages and development
    • A global forum for media development
  • Ethics
    • Paradox. With the advent of democracy journalism is made more precarious
  • Viewpoints
    • Forum Media and Development in Ouagadougou:
    • The relationship between the fourth eestate and the other powers has to be fostered (Jean Ping)
    • Democracy needs opposing forces (Louis Michel)
  • Case Studies
    • Cautious hope:
      • Freedom of expression in southern africa
    • East Africa: Not all that glitters is gold
    • "From Freetown to the Hague: my coverage of Charles Taylor's trial"
    • Securing democracy in the Caribbean
    • Media and development in the Pacific Islands
    • Foundation Hirondelle: media in conflict zones for millions of listeners
    • The key role of the satirical press in the removal of the sacred aura surrounding power in Africa
  • Young People
    • Aminatou Sar, coach for child journalists
    • Planete Jeunes: information and entertainment
  • Internet
    • Trends in the digital divide in Africa
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