The business of Europe is politics. Business opportunity, economic nationalism and the decaying Atlantic Alliance

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Publication Date 2010
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It is no secret that Europe is currently undergoing a major economic and social crisis, so it is essential says Dimitris Chorafas that leaders of industry and finance within the EU, or doing business with the EU, know what is going on. What is it that threatens competitiveness and produces obstacles to providing a vibrant business landscape in the European Union?

This book offers insight into the particular nature of the European cocktail of business and politics, explaining how that bears on trade and relations between, for example, continental Europe and the UK, across the Atlantic with the US, with Russia and with Asia. Dr Chorafas explains and critiques Europe's conflicting aims and what he describes as its wanting business plan. Case studies to illustrate the consequences for business of the deficiencies identified are included.

This book aims to satisfy those academics with an interest in the issues addressed and serve as a planning tool for business leaders and government executives trying to determine what they can do at enterprise level. The challenge is to survive and prosper in an environment where 'business is politics'.


Part 1: The EU's Cocktail of Business and Politics
1. Beyond the European Union's Fiftieth Birthday
2. Britain, America, Russia and the EU
3. The Business of Europe is Politics
4. Declinismé in the EU: A Case Study on France

Part 2: The EU's Conflicting Aims and Inadequate Business Practices
5. Politicians, Managers and Parliamentarians of the EU
6. The EU's Constitution and Constitutional Referendums
7. Perils of the EU's Enlargement

Part 3: The EU's Economic Nationalism
8. Business Opportunity? Take it or Leave it
9. The European Union's Economic Nationalism
10. Case Studies on Economic Nationalism
11. The European Aeronautics Defence and Space Industrial Giant

Part 4: The Decline of the Atlantic Alliance
12. Useful as Feathers on a Fish
13. Energy Supplies and New Alliances
Epilogue: The 2010 Greek Financial Drama

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