The Common Agricultural Policy after the Fischler Reform. National Implementations, Impact Assessment and the Agenda for Future Reforms

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Publication Date 2011
ISBN 978-1-4094-2194-8
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Providing an updated state of the art report on the effects of the 2003 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, this volume has a particular emphasis on the governance of institutional changes and national/regional implementation. Written from an agricultural economist's point of view and enriched by the contribution of political scientists and policy makers, this book offers:

  • an updated report of the European debate on agricultural and rural policies;
  • an in-depth analysis of the decoupling process of the agricultural financial support in Europe;
  • an analysis of the CAP implementation in the old and new Europe Member States;
  • a discussion on the future scenarios for the European Agricultural Policies.

Based on a selection of papers from the 109th Seminar of the European Association of the Agricultural Economists (EAAE), this book, with a foreword by Franz Fischler, also includes four commissioned contributions from leaders in the field including Sofia Davidova, Roberto Esposti, Tassos Haniotis and Johan Swinnen.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 | From the Fischler Reform to the Future CAP / Roberto Henke, Simone Severini & Alessandro Sorrentino
  • Part 1: Future Scenarios for the CAP
  • Chapter 2 | The CAP Reform Process in Perspective: Issues of the Post-2013 Debate
  • Chapter 3 | Reforming the CAP: an Agenda for Regional Growth? / Roberto Esposti
  • Part 2: Political Economy of CAP Reform
    • Chapter 4 | A Political Economy Perspective on the Fischler Reform of the CAP
    • Chapter 5 | The Budget and the WTO: Driving Forces behind the ‘Health Check’?
    • Chapter 6 | Options of Financing the CAP – Consequences for the Distribution of Farm Payments
    • Chapter 7 | The European Commission in the CAP Decision Making: a Case Study on the Sugar Reform
  • Part 3: The CAP Reform and Its Impact on EU Agriculture
    • Chapter 8 | Implementation of Single Area Payment Scheme in the EU New Member States
    • Chapter 9 | Assessing European Farmers’ Intentions in the Light of the 2003 CAP Reform
    • Chapter 10 | Assessing the Impact of the ‘Health Check’ in an Italian Region: An Application of the RegMAS Model
    • Chapter 11 | Impact of the CAP Reform on the Spanish Agricultural Sector - Lucinio Júdez, Rosario de Andrés, Miguel Ibáñez
  • Part 4: The Impact of CAP Reform on Specific Sectors
    • Chapter 12 | The Abrogation of the Set-Aside and the Increase in Cereal Prices: Can They Revert the Decline of Cereal Production Generated by Decoupling?
    • Chapter 13 | Policy Impact on Production Structure and Income Risk on Polish Dairy Farms
    • Chapter 14 | An Impact Assessment of the CAP Reform Health Check on the Italian Tomato Sector
    • Chapter 15 | Effects of CAP Reform on Peri-urban Agricultural Area in Umbrian Valley (Central Italy)
  • Part 5: The Environmental Impact of CAP Reform
    • Chapter 16 | Impact of the 2003 CAP Reform on Organic Farming in Germany
    • Chapter 17 | Pressure Factors Affecting the Lombardy Agricultural System: The Environmental Consequences of the Fischler Reform
    • Chapter 18 | Investigating the Economic and Water Quality Effects of the 2003 CAP Reform on Arable Cropping Systems: A Scottish Case Study
  • Part 6: Cross-Compliance and Agro-Environmental Measures
    • Chapter 19 | Agri-Environmental Measures Adoption: New Evidence from Lombardy Region
    • Chapter 20 | Impact Assessment of 2003 CAP Reform and Nitrate Directive on Arable Farming in Midi-Pyrénées: A Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis
    • Chapter 21 | Connecting Agri-environmental Schemes and Cross-Compliance Designs: An Exploratory Case Study in Emilia-Romagna
  • Part 7: Rural Development Issues
    • Chapter 22 | Reforming Pillar II –Towards Significant and Sustainable Rural Development?
    • Chapter 23 | Are Rural Development Strategies Coherent At Regional Level? Empirical Evidence From Italy
    • Chapter 24 | The Generation Turnover in Agriculture: The Ageing Dynamics and the EU Support Policies to Young Farmers
  • Part 8: The Future of Market Measures
    • Chapter 25 | Phasing Out Milk Quotas: a Bio-Economic Model to Analyse the Impacts on French Dairy Farms
    • Chapter 26 | The Role of the ‘Integrated Production’ Scheme in the Fruit and Vegetable CMO
    • Chapter 27 | Red Meat Producers’ Preferences for Strategies to Cope with the CAP Reform in Scotland
  • Part 9: The Future of Direct Payments
    • Chapter 28 | The Single Payment Scheme in the Impact Assessment of the CAP ‘Health Check’
    • Chapter 29 | The Fortune of Modulation in the Process of the CAP Reform
    • Chapter 30 | Analysis of the Effects in Italy of Alternative Hypotheses of Regionalization of the Single Payment Scheme
    • Chapter 31 | Measuring Cross-Subsidisation of the Single Payment Scheme in England
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